Sunday, September 2, 2018

Let's talk about the character Diego Silva 🏳️‍πŸŒˆπŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄

The character Diego Silva came along at the end of We're All Animals and he's been in every one of my books since. He's definitely a fan favorite with a very distinct personality.

Diego Silva is abrupt, vocal and direct, however, he also carries this nervous energy, almost as if he is wired on caffeine (and he probably is πŸ˜„) and can't stop moving. He's known for his sudden, loud remarks almost as if he has anxiety brewing underneath the surface. Of course, he has an unexpected soft side that sometimes comes out but it's not something everyone sees and certainly not his enemies.

Diego is the brother of Jolene Silva, the woman who originally hired Chase Jacobs in We're All Animals. He made a surprise appearance at the end of the book but had such a strong presence that I just had to continue to write about him. In fact, the book that follows, Always be a Wolf, is as much about Diego as Chase, despite the fact that Chase is the protagonist. The book centers on their friendship and learning about Diego through Chase's eyes. It's really an interesting interpretation considering that Chase is highly observant and sensitive.

Something that isn't obvious to readers right away is that Diego is gay. This isn't something he tries to hide but I think because of the collection of alpha dog personalities that he surrounds himself with, he is careful who he tells. I like that fact that he's a 'gay gangster' because we are so used to seeing these mobster type guys as womanizers who attempt to show off their idea of masculinity whereas Diego breaks that mold in a sense. He is as much a 'tough guy' as others but when he's spending time with Paige NoΓ«l-Hernandez, his close friend, we often remove this mask to express himself in a more sensitive, gentle manner.

It's also interesting that Diego would end up being close friends with Jorge Hernandez, an alpha male who is in many ways his polar opposite. However, he makes many references within the books as Diego being his hermano or brother and with the exception to occasionally teasing him about his sexuality, shows no judgment or prejudice.

There's something very special about Diego that draws people to him. Whether it be other characters or readers, I think he has a unique combination of characteristics that we both relate to and admire.

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