Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's talk about Chase Jacobs - SPOILER ALERT! πŸ₯Š

Chase Jacobs is a fan favorite because he is gentle, kind and very much the boy next door. He tries to do the right thing in most situations and is known overall as a salt of the earth kind of guy.

Chase came along in the first book for this series, We're All Animals and has stuck around for the entire series. When we first met him, Chase was 18 years old and just graduating high school. Suddenly dumped by his first girlfriend, he was confused about what had gone wrong as he hung out at a house party. After one of the guests sets her sights on him, she slips something in his drink to 'loosen him up' and the two end up hitting the sheets. Although it was automatically a regrettable mistake for Chase, it quickly becomes more regrettable in the weeks that follow when he learns that the girl is pregnant. From this point on, Chase's life starts to spin out of control.

We continue to follow along with Chase at the protagonist in Always be a Wolf and we later switch gears, when Jorge Hernandez takes over as the protagonist in The Devil is Smooth like Honey, A Devil Named Hernandez and And the Devil Will Laugh.

Chase is also half indigenous, young, attractive and an overall sweetheart. ❤️This is why so many of the other characters are so drawn to him. In one of the books, Jorge Hernandez even jokes, " Why does everyone fall in love with Chase Jacobs?"

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