Monday, February 15, 2016

What my Characters Teach ME πŸ€“

My readers might be surprised to discover that each of my protagonists develop from a place deep inside of me and transform before my eyes as I tell their story. They may be even more surprised to discover that with each lead character, also comes a great lesson.

So what kind of lessons have I learned along the way? Check this out.

Tarah from Fire: 

Back when I was writing my first book, it never occurred to me that my characters would actually teach me something; this was a discovery I wouldn’t make until later on. However, looking back, I can honestly say that Tarah Kiersey, the main character in Fire, taught me to open my heart and be more understanding toward others. Tarah made great efforts to connect with family, band members and boyfriends, even when they've hurt her along the way. It was very important to her that issues with others were resolved and she never left anything unsaid.

Jimmy from A Spark before the Fire

Jimmy Groome from A Spark before the Fire was the rebellious misfit that didn’t feel as though he had a place in society. He escaped by drinking, doing drugs and falling into bed with every woman he could get his hands on. However, he would learn to accept himself and, rather than feeling like the outsider looking in, he realized that the qualities that made him different and unique, should be accepted and celebrated rather writing him off as a loser. He realized it was as much an attitude and his own limitations that kept him on the outside and this perception was solely his own; he wasn't the outsider looking in, he was in and had every right to be.

Ava from The Rock Star of Vampires

In The Rock Star of Vampires, Ava didn't know at first that she was a vampire and once she did, it didn't really occur to her that she had special powers. Seeing herself as an everyday mortal, she assumed she was limited. However, after a few mishaps (including a powerful hex that put her boss in the hospital) Ava began to see that she possessed a great power inside of herself and was capable of doing things that she had never imagined possible. Most of us don't realize we are much more powerful than we ever thought possible. We just have to believe.

Mariah from Her Name is Mariah:

In Her Name is Mariah, the protagonist grows up in a difficult family situation and learns resiliency at a very young age. She's forced into a young independence that serves her well as an adult, better preparing her for the tough world she was about to enter. By far the strongest character I've ever written about, at one point Mariah Nichols declares herself the wolf in a world full of sheep. She intimidates, manipulates and never allows anyone into her heart. Although situations change throughout the book, for the most part, Mariah Nichols teaches us that our strength is often much more powerful than we ever thought possible and it's something we should embrace with no apology.

Natasha from Different Shades of the Same Color:

Natasha in Different Shades of the Same Color wanted to make the world a better place and to inspire. She saw the importance of reaching out, connecting with people and doing what she could in order to help those who were vulnerable in society. I think we sometimes get caught up in our own lives and forget the importance of connecting with our community. Natasha wanted to be their voice when they couldn’t speak, something we all should do from time to time. She also was goofy, not afraid to wave her freak flag and love life; but isn't that what it's all about?

Chase  from book six

Although I know the working title, I’m just going to surprise you with it later. In this book, Chase is physically strong and trains hard to surpass his personal best. Although this is a step away from other characters, Chase is already teaching me (only 7 chapters in) to take better care of my body, work harder to get in the best shape of my life. I foresee some other, tough lessons that might come out of this book, but those will remain a secret for now.

The characters are, in essence, a part of the author and writing a book is often a very cathartic experience. I know it is for me.

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