Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Passion and Writing 😍

Why is passion so important in writing? Why are we drawn to explosive arguments, passionate scenes and violence on television and in books? Why do we enjoy a fight in the middle of a hockey game?

We love it because it's in our nature. There's something exciting about people who are passionate in love or anger. We love a character that isn't afraid to show their emotions. This is because we're often encouraged to hide our own feelings, especially those that make other people uncomfortable. So maybe watching others express themselves gives us a bit of satisfaction.

Human nature is interesting. As much as we hate it when a fight breaks out in the middle of a wedding or during a family event, don't we also kind of move a little closer to the action? It's because we get a little jolt of energy watching people when they show such intense emotions. Why do you think dramas and thrillers are such popular genres?

A great example would be if you're watching a hockey game and your team is losing. You're kind of discouraged and suddenly, a fight breaks out! Someone on your team is really giving it to an opponent and this causes your interest to soar. This is because even though your team is still losing the game, at least you see that they are passionate about it. And there's something about that makes you feel a little bit better.

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