Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How to make to make your book stand out on social media πŸ’»

Sometimes you have to be very creative when coming up with ways to promote your book. Depending on the subject matter, your resources and the expected audience, you might want to consider various methods to capture some attention. Although the media is probably the best way to get noticed, it's sometimes easier said than done. Taking out ads, purchasing bookmarks (although I find this a great form of marketing) and giving away books in hopes of getting reviews can get very expensive.

The beauty of social media is that it's free. Sure, you can pay extra for ads but that isn't necessary and if you do choose to do so, it's actually quite inexpensive. However, for today, let's focus on the free stuff and I will throw a few ideas at you on ways to show off your book!

First of all, I'm not an expert. I'm just giving you advice from my own experience as an author. Most of what I do is just experimenting and seeing what works. Here are a few things I do:

- Share images of the cover with quotes from the book. This quote could be a jarring comment made by a character, a line that stands out or even a portion of the synopsis. Essentially, you want to give the reader an idea of what they are in for if they get your book. πŸ˜‰

- Share an image of a review. This shows potential readers what other people are saying about your book.

- Share a blog or YouTube video where you talk about your book. Sometimes people want to learn a little bit more and why your book stands out.

- Share some images of your most recent newspaper articles (as well as the links) discussing the book.

- Take pictures of your books in various settings; someone reading it, you holding a copy, an animal staring at it with interest....use your imagination. This is great for Instagram users.

- Answer people's questions. If you are being asked where to buy your book etc, address it in a post.

- Announce when your books are in local libraries, bookstores etc. If you can, take a picture too.

- If you have a book signing, an upcoming interview etc, make sure to highlight this on your social media and create an excitement about the event.

This is really just a few ideas off the top of my head. Again, I'm not an expert but I know sometimes people are new to social media or publishing and aren't sure what to do. Also, make sure to reply to people who take the time to comment on or share your posts. And last but not least, if you don't have time to be consistent, try to schedule your social media. You can find tools online to do this and Facebook allows you to do it right on your page.

But most important, talk to people, not at them. Social media should be fun and interactive...so be cool! 😎

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