Monday, September 17, 2018

How did I get started writing? πŸ’»

People often ask me how I started writing. My story probably that original but here goes...

I was a huge fiction fan as a child (Oh! Those days at the Bookmobile back in the 80s!) and eventually began to jot down some of my own stories. Not to suggest they were elegantly written by any stretch of the imagination but the point is that I let my creative side out because I thought it was fun. Eventually, I started to write little 'newspapers' called 'M News' which featured cutout images from magazines and various flyers to accompany some zany story that I would throw together. I can't remember any of the stories now just the basic format.

Later I moved on to writing longer stories but I think I was just dabbling in writing. My imagination was pretty big but I wasn't great at putting it all together yet. I think I simply enjoyed daydreaming.

At 16 I wrote my first full-length manuscript, a teenage drama that seemed more scandalous and fun than anything I was reading at the time. I feel like I may have sent it off to publishers but I don't recall if I heard anything back. If I did, it was definitely a rejection. 

I stopped writing after that point for a number of years. In fact, it was well into my adulthood that I decided to return to college to take business (why? Don't ask!) and within a very short period of time realized that it simply wasn't for me. I also realized that what I really wanted to do was write.

I ended up taking a creative writing course and then starting my first book, Fire, which was published in 2010. 

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