Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glowinski Library πŸ“š

When I first received an email from Poland, I was skeptical. After all, when random emails arrive in
my inbox from outside of North America it often tends to be spam. Then when I noticed that the sender was requesting a copy of my book, I was even more guarded and quickly shot off an email asking where he had found my address. Then I did my research and automatically felt terrible.

The man who contacted me was Tadeusz Glowinski from Olesnica, Poland. He is the founder, volunteer librarian and book recruiter for the Glowinski library. After some research, I quickly emailed him back and said I would immediately order him a copy of Fire and have it sent to his library.
My research indicated that this library is in a poor neighborhood in Poland, one that may not normally have the resources involved to purchase books. Glowinski, a former teacher, was not discouraged by this factor, but went to work to first learn the Internet than to get on board and find the books himself. His goal since opening in 2000 was to find as many books from all over the globe to fill his shelves and so far has been successful in doing so in 83 countries. In many ways, his positive attitude is as much a legacy as the library itself.

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