Sunday, September 2, 2018

Why do I do YouTube videos? πŸ“Ή

If you are a writer and have a new book coming out, should you do a YouTube video? What if you are a more seasoned author, should you dip your toes into the world of YouTube or run the other way?

Actually, many people choose to run the other way because it is a bit scary. Recording a video (and even worse, later playing it back to watch yourself) isn't always an experience that people look forward to trying. Having said that, it's usually not that bad and sometimes it can actually be a huge confidence booster.

I started to do YouTube videos a couple of years ago and it was with some reluctance. To be honest, I was terrified. I wasn't exactly excited about watching myself talking on video. It reminded me of those days of public speaking in high school that made me want to hide under my desk, however, I recognized that it was important in my overall goals and so with so reluctance, I gave it a shot. I now have over 80 videos on my channel.

The beauty of recording a video is that you don't have to post it. You can simply take the time to get comfortable with speaking to a camera, explaining your topic in a satisfactory manner (notes help) and of course, you have to stop finding fault with your appearance. These are probably the three things that make most people hesitant. We live in such an overproduced world when it comes to both 'reality' television and even YouTube videos that we often forget that we don't have to look, sound or be perfect in order to record a video. In fact, if you sound, look and seem too perfect, it actually might make you slightly less relatable to your audience.

Having said that, make some effort. Don't roll out of bed, not comb your hair and rambling on for 20 minutes without making a point either. You should lean more toward showing the best of you than the ill-prepared, sloppy version of yourself. It might give the impression that you don't really care and if you don't, why should anyone else?

So why did I start doing YouTube videos? I wanted my audience and potential audience to learn about me. I didn't want to be the anonymous face behind the books or the mysterious author that no one knows. I wanted people to learn where I was coming from, why I was writing about the topics I chose, to explain my books to people who wanted to get more of a sense what they were about and as time went on, it also gave me an opportunity to answer some of my most asked questions from either new authors or people interested in writing.

Most important of all, I believe that YouTube videos are about connection. For me, it was important to connect with people especially those who are interested in my writing. I don't do them because I want to be an internet star or because I want to gather tons of followers, I simply have them available as another option for readers to learn about me, my books and my thoughts as a writer. The beauty of YouTube is that you never know who is watching.

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