Saturday, September 8, 2018

How do I get ideas for my books? πŸ’­

I cover a lot of topics in my books. It's never just one specific area that I focus on but you can find a whole assortment of thoughts, ideas, struggles and conversations that contribute to each novel; sometimes within a chapter. πŸ˜„

People often ask me where I get these ideas. It's kind of a complicated question to answer. In fact, I find inspiration from a lot of different areas including everyday life, what I see on the news, documentaries, books and even comments people have made at some point in my life. There is a whole swirl of crazy activity in my brain and I'm never quite sure how it will land on the page but somehow it always comes together.

I guess to a point it is what stands out to me. If there is a topic or comment that grabs my attention, I will work with it. If it's on my mind, it should be expressed. It's not necessarily based on my life but more likely something that I'm simply aware of or have noticed.

Plots come to me all the time. Usually when I'm working out (especially when listening to music) is when I get my strongest ideas. I will often visualize a scene and rush to jot down notes. It may not make sense at the time but it will when I sit down to write it.

Speaking of characters, they really take the wheel when it comes to storylines. Each has their own district personalities, experiences and issues that float to the surface, which is something else you must always keep in mind. After all, where would we be without characters?

It's really quite magical.

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