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Monday, September 24, 2018

Fire πŸ”₯

Fire was my first book, published in 2010. The story follows protagonist Tarah Kiersey as she set her sights on the music world, joining a band that quickly gets signed. She learns the many ups and downs of working in the industry, how her life vastly changes (not always for the better) and how conflicts within the band can make everything just a little more difficult. Did I mention she has an affair with two of her bandmates?

First, there was a match.
In 1992, Tarah Kiersey wasn't feeling very optimistic about her life. From dead-end jobs to dead-end relationships, she failed to see how anything could ever improve. But at least, she had her music.
Then, there was a spark.
There was something about holding a microphone that made Tarah feel alive. And there was something about how she sang that made people listen. One of those people included William Stacy, a young musician who invited Tarah to join his band, Fire. She said yes and her entire life changed overnight.
And now there s FIRE!

The book was quite popular and later followed up by A Spark before the Fire featuring a secondary character, Jimmy Groome. The books overlap slightly, however, each has their own unique perspective. 

A Spark Before the Fire 🎸

The character Jimmy Groome originally showed up in my first book Fire in 2010 and later became the protagonist in A Spark Before the Fire, a few years later. Although the two books are connected, they overlap more than one being the continuation of the other. For example, in A Spark before the Fire, Jimmy's story starts at age 10, when something traumatic happens to his character. However, the book follows him through his teenage years and into his early twenties, when he meets Tarah, the protagonist from Fire.

The really cool thing is that you are able to see Jimmy's point of view to a few things mentioned in Fire, where the protagonist is a woman. As you can imagine, they often see things from vastly different perspectives.

Here's a brief summary of the book:

Jimmy Groome never really believed that his life was worth anything. An overweight and unpopular teen, it takes a suicide attempt to bring a traumatic childhood experience into sharp focus. With some encouragement from family and a counselor, Jimmy picks up a guitar and it quickly becomes obvious that he has a natural talent. After losing weight and joining a band, Jimmy goes from being a shy and insecure child to an outgoing and self-destructive young adult. In a world where sex, drugs and rock n' roll goes hand in hand Jimmy’s future is uncertain.
In this prequel to Fire, we follow Jimmy Groome on his dark path, where he decides if he'll ignite the fire inside - or if he’ll let it burn out and fade away.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

What is Your Song? 🎢

I've often mentioned that each of my books brings with it a personal soundtrack; a collection of songs that inspired me through the writing process, songs that suddenly got stuck inside my head and refused to leave until the specific book was completed. Interestingly enough, once the process is over, the song seems less prevalent in my subconscious.

Not only does each book develop a collect of songs that take me through the writing process, but I've noticed that there's always one song in particular that stands out as being the song that best represents the protagonist. I'm pretty sure the same can be said for each of us; in fact, we probably can think of some songs that makes us immediately think of friends or family members because it describes them perfectly.

In my first book, Fire, Tarah Kiersey's song would probably be Possession Sarah McLachlan 
This was a song that went through my mind for months, possibly even years before I started to write this particular manuscript. At the time, I would envision a scene that would later fit into my first book, even though I wasn't yet sure of its significance. All I knew was that it was very powerful and that the character behind it was pushing her way through to tell her story.

A Spark before the Fire was, to a degree, the prequel to Fire and discussed the life of a strong character from my first book, Jimmy Groome. There are so many songs that could fit this character, but if I had to choose one, I would say Something in the Way by Nirvana. Depending on how you interpret this song, you could view this in a couple different ways and to be honest, either would apply in this situation.

I switched things up when I decided to write about vampires in The Rock Star of Vampires  and a young woman named Ava Lilith. She lived a secret life, one that she felt had to be hidden from everyone around her, always hiding the truth about her identity. Her song was Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. 

Her Name is Mariah was connected to The Rock Star of Vampires in that she was a secondary character that quickly rose to the top, demanding her own book. Hardly a soft character, Mariah Nichols wasn't someone who would have a gentle, delicate song to represent her. Try Metallica. Try Masters of Puppets. 

With Different Shades of the Same Color,  Natasha Parsons was a bit of a free spirit, a bit of a hippie and the one song that struck me as I was writing this book and carried through to be the song the defined her was Blame by Calvin Harris. Trust me, it relates to this character. 

I just finished writing my sixth book and I'm already thinking of my seventh. The next one will feature a male character from Different Shades of the Same Color and his name is Chase Jacobs. Without a doubt, his theme song would be Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace.  It suits him to perfection and in fact, describes the raw power behind the story.

So what's your theme song? Share it in the comment section. If you wish to learn more about any of these books (or read their complete soundtrack list) check out this link! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

What my Characters Teach ME πŸ€“

My readers might be surprised to discover that each of my protagonists develops from a place deep inside of me and transform before my eyes as I tell their story. They may be even more surprised to discover that with each lead character, also comes a great lesson.

So what kind of lessons have I learned along the way? Check this out.

Tarah from Fire: 

Back when I was writing my first book, it never occurred to me that my characters would actually teach me something; this was a discovery I wouldn’t make until later on. However, looking back, I can honestly say that Tarah Kiersey, the main character in Fire, taught me to open my heart and be more understanding toward others. Tarah made great efforts to connect with family, band members and boyfriends, even when they've hurt her along the way. It was very important to her that issues with others were resolved and she never left anything unsaid.

Jimmy from A Spark before the Fire

Jimmy Groome from A Spark before the Fire was the rebellious misfit that didn’t feel as though he had a place in society. He escaped by drinking, doing drugs and falling into bed with every woman he could get his hands on. However, he would learn to accept himself and, rather than feeling like the outsider looking in, he realized that the qualities that made him different and unique, should be accepted and celebrated rather writing him off as a loser. He realized it was as much an attitude and his own limitations that kept him on the outside and this perception was solely his own; he wasn't the outsider looking in, he was in and had every right to be.

Ava from The Rock Star of Vampires

In The Rock Star of Vampires, Ava didn't know at first that she was a vampire and once she did, it didn't really occur to her that she had special powers. Seeing herself as an everyday mortal, she assumed she was limited. However, after a few mishaps (including a powerful hex that put her boss in the hospital) Ava began to see that she possessed a great power inside of herself and was capable of doing things that she had never imagined possible. Most of us don't realize we are much more powerful than we ever thought possible. We just have to believe.

Mariah from Her Name is Mariah:

In Her Name is Mariah, the protagonist grows up in a difficult family situation and learns resiliency at a very young age. She's forced into a young independence that serves her well as an adult, better preparing her for the tough world she was about to enter. By far the strongest character I've ever written about, at one point Mariah Nichols declares herself the wolf in a world full of sheep. She intimidates, manipulates and never allows anyone into her heart. Although situations change throughout the book, for the most part, Mariah Nichols teaches us that our strength is often much more powerful than we ever thought possible and it's something we should embrace with no apology.

Natasha from Different Shades of the Same Color:

Natasha in Different Shades of the Same Color wanted to make the world a better place and to inspire. She saw the importance of reaching out, connecting with people and doing what she could in order to help those who were vulnerable in society. I think we sometimes get caught up in our own lives and forget the importance of connecting with our community. Natasha wanted to be their voice when they couldn’t speak, something we all should do from time to time. She also was goofy, not afraid to wave her freak flag and love life; but isn't that what it's all about?

Chase  from book six

Although I know the working title, I’m just going to surprise you with it later. In this book, Chase is physically strong and trains hard to surpass his personal best. Although this is a step away from other characters, Chase is already teaching me (only 7 chapters in) to take better care of my body, work harder to get in the best shape of my life. I foresee some other, tough lessons that might come out of this book, but those will remain a secret for now.

The characters are, in essence, a part of the author and writing a book is often a very cathartic experience. I know it is for me.

Canadian author Mima is known for her complicated and diverse characters, a dark style and for never shying away from controversial topics. To request an interview or if you are interested in doing a book review, please send requests here  

Mima is the author of Fire and the prequel, A Spark before the Fire, as well as The Rock Star of Vampires  Her Name is Mariah and Different Shades of the Same Color. Join Mima on Facebook, TwitterG+ and Goodreads also, check out her Amazon Author Page

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Are we the Characters? πŸ™ƒ

It would be fair to say that each of my books follows me on my own, personal journey through life. Not to suggest that I am my characters, but I certainly have learned some of the same lessons along the way.

My first book Fire was as much about the power of mass media as that of my characters, a rock band in the 90s. It was about how the value of life often comes second to the value of a great story and ratings/sales. This was a realization that I came to during my twenties when mass media often had the most influence. 

 My second book was the sequel called A Spark before the Fire, following a rebellious, social misfit that felt like he was on the outside, looking in, which also was a strong reflection of how I viewed the world at that time. I always felt a sense of being left behind, not included or as if my value was below that of others and like Jimmy Groome, chose self-destructive ways to block what I could not handle. 

My third book, The Rock Star of Vampires, displayed how many of the social ‘vultures’ of the world are often carefully hiding behind a beautiful mask and it reflected a time when I realized that we all have our many sides and vulnerabilities, regardless of what we try to display to others. 

My fourth book, Her Name is Mariah, was probably my most personal book, that hit closest to home. Let me explain why.

Mariah Nichols was a character resurrected from my third book, The Rock Star of Vampires. It told the story of a strong, often cold woman who was tough – or so she wanted the world to believe. Mariah was one of the people hiding behind the beautiful mask I described earlier, except that she even believed the performance she gave to the world. She was untouchable. She was the wolf among sheep. No one could get to her. No one could hurt her.

The reality was that a young doctor comes into her life and shakes up everything she has ever believed about both the world and herself. He slowly breaks down every wall that surrounded her, causing Mariah to be faced with her true self for the first time ever: it's overwhelming. His role in her life was to destroy all the walls that prevented her from growing, from living and most of all, from loving. In this case, she has to hit rock bottom, to evolve and feel truly alive.

This was very much my own story. 

No, I didn’t have a charming, handsome doctor come into my life and force me to see a side of myself I had long decided to ignore, however, I did have someone who forced me to take a good look at myself and it was by far, the most torturous and excruciating experience, but it was one that I had to explore in order to get to a better place. In fact, when I look at whom I used to be - how I once viewed the world or my negative thought process - I almost don’t recognize that person at all. It was my much-needed spiritual awakening. 

I’ve almost completed the rough draft of my latest book and I'm definitely putting a lot of myself and my experiences in this book. Although slightly altered (and hopefully much more interesting than my own story) I do see the world through my character’s eyes and hope I continue to do so.

I've always said that my books are for the 'misfits, the nonconformists and those who never quite fit in' because that is what I believe. I like to write unconventional stories about unconventional characters, who like to color outside the lines. Not only do they like it, they don't know any other way to live.

Canadian author Mima is known for complicated and diverse characters, her dark style and for never shying away from controversial topics. To request an interview or if you are interested in doing a book review, please send requests here

Mima is the author of Fire and the prequel, A Spark before the Fire, as well as The Rock Star of Vampires  Her Name is Mariah and Different Shades of the Same Color. Join Mima on Facebook, TwitterG+ and Goodreads also, check out her Amazon Author Page

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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Lost Testimonials are back! ☺️

My website has changed a great deal since the early days of my writing career. From stumbling through a site in 2010 to nervously wandering into the world of domains and 'real' websites
a few years ago, I've definitely experienced a learning curve and continue to educate as much as possible in this area.

In the shuffle between websites, I managed to lose one of my favorite pages. It was simply titled 'Testimonials' and contained various reviews contributed by my original readers. Of course, somewhere along the line it occurred to me that these reviews might be a tad more valuable on a site such as Goodreads, Amazon or Chapters and would encourage people to relocate their kind words somewhere that would allow others to get a sense of my books.

So today, I  was really excited to find some of these old reviews for my first two books and would like to share them with you! To read more reviews on any of my books, I recommend you check out your favorite online store.

Starlily - "First there was a match, then there was a spark, and now there's Fire!" Fire chronicles the rise, triumphs and heartbreaks of a band in the 90's. Mima clearly has put a lot of research, effort and heart into her first novel. She takes an honest and unflinching look at the music industry and the ups and downs of the decade. Tarah's story drew me in and I finished it in a half a weekend. Can't wait for A Spark Before the Fire!

Joe - 'From the front to the back cover Fire is a book that cannot be put down. The gripping action goes from page to page with a climactic ending. This novel showcases the rise and tribulations of bands in the 90 s music scene, which the author catches very realistically in the characters, which are portrayed in this novel. Mima has done an amazing job on this book and I can’t wait for Spark Before the Fire.'

Maxine - 'What a great read. If you haven't read a book in a while, grab Fire and find a quiet corner. You can feel yourself becoming involved in every aspect of this story. You get to know every character, and can really visualize every scene. I cannot wait for Spark Before the Fire!! Great job Mima. Looking forward to many more books from you!!'

Jamie - 'When I read 'Fire', I couldn't put it down! The characters were so real and beautifully described, you felt yourself cheering them on when something great was happening, and worried and anxious when they were faced with challenges and difficult life decisions. Mima has beautifully crafted this wonderful piece of literature, greatly detailing the time, the culture and sub-culture of the 90s and the unforgiving music scene. I am anxiously awaiting Mima's next installment to read more about the 'Fire' characters!'

Evelyn - 'When I read Fire I couldn't put it down. I sat and read it from cover to cover. Then I told lots of my friends about it and they bought the book and told me the same thing. It was happy, sad, exciting and edge of your seat reading. I can't wait for the next book to come out. I am looking forward to reading it and I know it will be just as good or better then the first'

Linda - 'Congratulations on a great story. I very much enjoyed the story line. Just so different from anything that I have read. Looking forward to the sequel.'

Nadine - 'Fire was so well written! The details were there exactly when needed. I could imagine everything so vividly. The story was intense and so interesting I had a hard time putting down the book. I read it until my eyes got dry! When I was at the end, I just wanted to keep reading and was hoping for another book to continue this one and now there is one. I read the first Chapter and can`t wait to read the rest. BTW the sensual scenes made me hot!!! Thank you MIMA for the excellent entertainment and information because this book was also very well documented.'

Lisa - 'This is a book everyone can relate to because at some point in your life you must have seen or even done.. sex, drugs and/or rock and roll. I could see either myself or my friends in the main character Tarah on many occasions, I have known many guys who were like William or Jimmy and Michael is a hateful character who I've known a few of as well. As previously mentioned in one of the comments "Fire was so well written! The details were there exactly when needed. I could imagine everything so vivid." I can't wait to read about Jimmy's life and I would absolutely love to see this made into a movie. Great job Mima and congratulations on an super awesome book!! Keep them coming and I will keep reading!'

Sherry - 'Just finished reading A Spark Before The Fire. Absolutely loved the book. Could not put it down, I loved reading about the life of Jimmy, I could defiantly picture this as a movie just like Fire. I would love to read another book on what happened after Fire. Do you think you would continue with this story? I look forward to your next book. All the best!'


Maxine - 'If you've never taken a day off work to complete reading a book, then you've never read Spark Before the Fire!! I have not found myself engrossed so deeply in a book since the release of Fire. My world disappears, and Jimmy's springs before me. Not one detail is left out, yet a lot of "didn't see that coming" surprise moments spring up. A must read for everyone. Kudos to Mima. Yet again, you have caught and kept my focus on your words. Keep up the great work'

Jean - 'I have just finished reading A Spark Before the Fire, another excellent book by Mima. Like her first book, Fire, each chapter brings a surprise, you never know what to expect with each chapter. She tells the story of a young boy, who suffers a traumatic experience as a child and it haunts him through his teen years. It affects his life style for many years. It shows how one persons actions can affect the lives of so many innocent people. Mima deals with the issues very good, making people see that bad times can be worked through and good things can happen to people who never give up. Reach for your dreams you can make them come true, that is what she shows in this novel . Looking forward to reading many more books by Mima. If you haven’t read Fire or a spark before the fire, then you don’t know what your missing. '

Canadian author Mima is known for her complicated and diverse characters, a dark style and for never shying away from controversial topics. To request an interview or if you are interested in doing a book review, please send requests here  

Mima is the author of Fire and the prequel, A Spark before the Fire, as well as The Rock Star of Vampires  Her Name is Mariah and Different Shades of the Same Color. Join Mima on Facebook, TwitterG+ and Goodreads also, check out her Amazon Author Page

For some reading, check out her blogs – personal or writing

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