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Monday, September 24, 2018

A Spark Before the Fire 🎸

The character Jimmy Groome originally showed up in my first book Fire in 2010 and later became the protagonist in A Spark Before the Fire, a few years later. Although the two books are connected, they overlap more than one being the continuation of the other. For example, in A Spark before the Fire, Jimmy's story starts at age 10, when something traumatic happens to his character. However, the book follows him through his teenage years and into his early twenties, when he meets Tarah, the protagonist from Fire.

The really cool thing is that you are able to see Jimmy's point of view to a few things mentioned in Fire, where the protagonist is a woman. As you can imagine, they often see things from vastly different perspectives.

Here's a brief summary of the book:

Jimmy Groome never really believed that his life was worth anything. An overweight and unpopular teen, it takes a suicide attempt to bring a traumatic childhood experience into sharp focus. With some encouragement from family and a counselor, Jimmy picks up a guitar and it quickly becomes obvious that he has a natural talent. After losing weight and joining a band, Jimmy goes from being a shy and insecure child to an outgoing and self-destructive young adult. In a world where sex, drugs and rock n' roll goes hand in hand Jimmy’s future is uncertain.
In this prequel to Fire, we follow Jimmy Groome on his dark path, where he decides if he'll ignite the fire inside - or if he’ll let it burn out and fade away.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Does violence in books and television dehumanize us? πŸ”ͺ

We often see people dehumanizing each other on television (sadly, we don't have to look past the news for this one...) and it's unfortunate that it has become the 'norm' in our society. I'm pretty conscious of this kind of behavior and for that reason, it has become a huge part of my books...but should it be?

As a writer, I've always felt that what I put on paper (or on a laptop screen, I should say) tends to reflect what I'm viewing in the real world. The situations might be different, however, the general feeling or sense that I'm getting from life always creeps into my writing. Therefore, it makes sense that violence has become the new 'norm' for my books.  Sadly, the reality of violence in our society has become more prevalent....or has it?

Well, yes and no. The thing is that the world has always been a violent place and depending on where you grew up in, it might've been just outside your door or worse still, inside your home. In fact, if you grew up in a place that wasn't violent, you should consider yourself pretty lucky because there are many people in the world who can't say the same.

I've had it pointed out to me that displaying such brutal violence in my books could potentially dehumanize people to the reader. When we are no longer seen as real, living, breathing people but disposable to some of the more sensitive viewers, it could cause them to devalue human life. This tends to be one of the explanations for things such as school and mass shootings. When you're used to viewing someone being shot on television, reading about it in a book or even 'being' the shooter in a video game, some will walk away with a complete disconnect from reality.

To be honest, I do understand the concern but I also believe there are other factors that play into these situations. Few things in life are black and white and as with many other topics, I think there are a lot of grey areas to consider. Anyone who takes something that is meant to be for entertainment purposes and turns it into a reason or an excuse to brutalize others probably already have some issues.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Devil Named Hernandez by Mima 😈

If you've been following my work, you might already know that the last few books I've written somehow became a series (although, it wasn't on just sort of happened ☺️) The latest book in this is series is about to be released and I'm super excited! I had a blast writing this book and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. Check it out.

In the thrilling sequel to The Devil is Smooth Like Honey, Jorge Hernandez is muscling in on the Canadian marijuana industry, unleashing the same savagery that made him a big player in the Mexican drug cartel. Whether it’s controlling politicians and government officials or using intimidation and violence to get what he wants, few people dare stand in his way.
Although he takes on his enemies with a deceptive ease, it only takes a single threat to his family to bring out the demon inside of him. Fueled by blinding rage, he attacks with a relentless brutality, showing no remorse and offering no mercy.

In a world tainted by racism, corruption, and greed, he proves once again there is a devil and his name is Jorge Hernandez.

In this eye-opening look into the life of the silver-tongued Mexican fox, you find yourself rooting for the society's underbelly, as sex, drugs and death intermix with family, love, and friendship. 

Also, check out my latest YouTube video where I talk about this book in a little more detail.

And remembered how I mentioned that this book just sort of became a series? There are three books that precede it that you might like to check out too:

It started with a broken heart and it took no time for Chase Jacobs' world to spin out of control. An unwanted pregnancy allows his mother and obsessive future bride to manipulate and control his life, turning him bitter and resentful. His destiny becomes a dark road to misery and whenever he tries to take the wheel, temptation only leads him further astray.
When a provocative and sinister side of life introduces itself, Chase discovers there's an animal lurking inside each of us; a powerful creature that wants to take over. But will he let it win?

In the gripping sequel to We're All Animals, Chase Jacobs moves to Toronto with his Colombian bosses, Diego and Jolene Silva, where they expand their elite sex party business. The underground's best-kept secret is going legit, but just as Chase starts a brand new life, tragedy strikes.
The heartbreaking lessons ahead of him are the most difficult he's ever had to face, and Chase must rely on his new family to help him through. But will his blind faith in Diego and Jolene prove to be a mistake, and has he underestimated just how far they are willing to go to prove their loyalty?

He learns there are times when passion and anger cause you to throw away the rule book even in the face of deadly consequences. He learns that words have a great deal of power but not as much power as silence. But most of all, Chase learns that in a world full of sheep, one should always be a wolf.

El narco. A monster. Un diablo. Jorge Hernandez had been called many things, and it always made him laugh. If there was one word that could be used to describe him, it would be untouchable. Corrupt politicians combined with his charming disposition had contributed to Jorge's success, but it was often the underlying threats behind his handsome smile that sealed the deal. He was unstoppable.
In Paige Noel, he had met his match. She was a woman as dangerous and sadistic as she was soft and gentle. The last thing he expected was to propose after an explosive first meeting, but the intense fire between them was as addictive as the thrill of violence and power.
When some of his personal enemies turn up dead, Jorge shuffles his daughter into a Canadian school, deciding that things are getting a little too hot in Mexico; but does life ever slow down in this dark underground world?
The devil is smooth like honey, but is heaven ever far away?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Songs that inspired The Rock Star of Vampires πŸ§›‍♀️

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally put the finishing touches on my third book, The Rock Star of Vampires. Believe it or not, I started it in late 2010 but a series of setbacks (taking courses, looking for a new job and other fun, life events) caused the finish line to continually be moved - then earlier this week, I crossed it!

Generally speaking, I prefer to write a book as quickly as possible. I feel that if I start a project and put it aside for any amount of time, it's difficult to get back into the original frame of mind. Plus, dragging it out too long tends to make the project just a bit stale and I start to lose my original passion on the topic.

The interesting thing is that I probably wouldn't have such a pleasing conclusion, had I finished this specific manuscript months ago. In many ways, I had to evolve in my own life before my main character could do the same. Sometimes it is interesting how real life and fiction tend to overlap.

I'm pretty excited about digging in and starting the fourth book in the very near future. In the meanwhile, I'm looking at various options, which include finding an agent. I'm definitely anxious to see what the future brings me!

I will be releasing further details on my book in the future, but for now, I would like to share some songs that were inspiring to me while writing it.

The first is Bullet with Butterfly Wings from the Smashing Pumpkins. Anyone familiar with 90s music will quickly recognize this song. The first line is, "The world is a vampire, sent to drain" which represents a central theme in my latest book in both a literal and symbolic way.
The second song that inspired my latest book is Not in Love by Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith of the Cure. Some of you may recognize this as a Platinum Blonde song from the 80s. There is something about the vibe of the song that ignited images in my mind, while creating a specific scene in my book. The lyrics also have a literal reflection regarding one particular relationship.

Laugh if you may, but this specific version of this song (and when it comes to music that inspires my writing, it's almost always a very particular version that does so - while another one may not) that created the opening scene in this book. I could visualize the main character and to be honest, was trying to figure out what drove her - and also, what the hell she was roaming around the grocery store! Yup, the song is Like a Virgin by Madonna and if you weren't curious about my third book before, you might be now:-)

f I ever don't list Marilyn Manson as an inspiration for one of my books, then the world could quite possibly be coming to an end while monkeys fly outside your window. There is a dark, vulnerable sexuality about his music that I've always connected with as a writer. I know a lot of people may roll their eyes at Manson because of his style or past antics, but unlike many artists in the music industry right now, he has a very distinctive style and can take any song and make it his own. This song digs deep into some very raw emotions within my latest book. Check out Speed of Pain.

I love this song. It's so beautiful and I think I listened to it on a regular basis throughout the time I was working on this book. The funny part is that I hadn't realized how much it was connecting with my characters until I was finished. In case you aren't familiar, it is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Well, I am off to start another book! Keep in touch and keep reading!

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