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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Love, Romance and Fictional Couples ❤️

A romance writer, I am not, however you will find some love connections in a few of my books, specifically my most recent series involving a group of gangster-type personalities. This may not seem like the most natural place to find such characters but then again, isn't that what makes things a little bit more interesting?

Someone once commented on how Jorge Hernandez and Paige NoΓ«l-Hernandez were the 'twisted couple' of the literary world and I certainly can't argue with that point. The couple showed up in The Devil is Smooth Like Honey and have continued to be together in A Devil Named Hernandez and And the Devil Will Laugh. The pair didn't exactly meet in the most conventional manner (I don't want to spoil the surprise πŸ˜‰) but because of their shared attraction to depravity, their connection was a natural one.

What I love about this couple is that they are equals. Both are strong, vicious and slightly sadistic in their ways but there is also a soft side; Paige meditates and does yoga while Jorge has been known to have a very soft spot with his daughter, Maria. The couple is vastly different in personality. Jorge is loud, obnoxious and blunt whereas Paige is soft, quiet and calmer, however, this is what makes them work. They balance each other out yet neither feels the need to change the other. Perhaps this is why people find them so endearing.