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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Girls are kicking ass!!

I recently stumbled upon an article featuring a young actress who decided to make a detour from the front of the camera to take on the new challenge as a producer. She spoke of her frustration with the lack of strong, female lead roles in Hollywood and how women are often more or less, the sidekick to the male lead.

My nose wrinkled in disgust, but it was nothing compared to how I felt after giving the comment a little more thought. How many movies had I watched lately that featured a woman in the lead role? In fact, the most recent one I saw (that was starring a woman) centered on the actress getting even with a man after a relationship had gone wrong.

Hmm…. not so sure that is all that would be classified as a  ‘strong’ female starring role. In fact, it seemed kind of silly and juvenile to me.

A few days later, the Oscar nominees were revealed and although I don't usually follow the Academy awards, I did hear some buzz about how there wasn’t much diversity in the mix. I guess only white men work in the film industry now? Wow, who knew?!?

Now I don’t necessarily label myself as a feminist (or not a feminist) but at the same time, as a writer, I appreciate strong women as lead characters. Nothing makes me cringe more than a book, film or television series centered on how a woman's main priority is ‘getting’ a man, as if it was the only reason to exist after… well, you know,  baking cookies and getting manicures. Why can’t we have some crazy, insane, anti-hero, and fun women in lead roles – whether it be in Hollywood, television or books? Wouldn’t that be cool?

As a writer, I try to be mindful of this fact and my next book (to be released in the upcoming weeks) is centered around a female lead that is fiery, strong and in some situations, kind of a bitch. There were times while writing, that I feared that perhaps she was a little too much and then it occurred to me – so what? Male characters are often a little ‘too much’ or the glamourized anti-hero. Why can’t women do the same?  Is it possible that having a woman kick ass in a role (whether literally or figuratively speaking) is actually kind of hot? Sexy? Perhaps they are a little more relatable and enjoyable than the usual silicone sidekick to the handsome hunk?

What do you think? Wouldn't that be insanely cool?

My next book,  Her Name is Mariah, will be released in the upcoming weeks and will feature a woman who is definitely strong. In fact, some of the people who first got a glimpse of this feisty character in my last book - The Rock Star of Vampires - have expressed a lot of interest in learning more about what makes this chick tick! If you like women who are strong, confident, with a little bit of a sharp tongue, then you're going to love Mariah Nichols in Her Name is Mariah. Happy reading!

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