Friday, April 14, 2017

Songs that Inspired Always be a Wolf! 🐺

Here we are again! My latest book, Always be a Wolf is coming out and as with all my books, I have a list of inspiring songs that I listened to during the writing process. These are the songs that I felt drawn to throughout the writing process and might help to demonstrate the vibe of the book. Here we go!

In the gripping sequel to We’re All Animals, Chase Jacobs moves to Toronto with his Colombian bosses, Diego and Jolene Silva, where they expand their Γ©lite sex party business. The underground’s best-kept secret is going legit but just as Chase starts a brand new life, tragedy strikes.

The heartbreaking lessons ahead of him are the most difficult he’s ever had to face and Chase must rely on his new family to help him through. But will his blind faith in Diego and Jolene prove to be a mistake and has he underestimated just how far they are willing to go to prove their loyalty?

He learns there are times when passion and anger cause you to throw away the rulebook, even in the face of deadly consequences.

He learns that words have a great deal of power but not as much power as silence. 

But most of all, Chase learns that in a world full of sheep, always be a wolf

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

This was definitely the song that stood out to me in the weeks leading up to starting Always be a Wolf. It was the song that encompassed the energy of the book, especially the first few chapters.

That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd

This song was mentioned while Chase and Diego were stuck in traffic and although it seems minor in context, readers will get a sense as to where the story is headed. 

Swim by Madonna

Madonna's music has been inspiring me for years and this particular song helps capture a heavy mood during a traumatic time in Chase Jacob's life.

Disassociative by Marilyn Manson

As I said many times, Marilyn Manson's music has always been a huge influence on my writing and his book was no exception. This song definitely captured the mood for the second half of the book, especially near the end.

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Break my Stride

This is a song that unexpectedly came along while doing the edits for the book. In fact, this is one of two songs in the final and ironically, very violent scene.

Summer of '63

Also, a song that popped up at the end of the book, during final edits and it just worked...for so many reasons, it was perfect.

To learn more, check out my own YouTube video where I talk about this in more detail and go to to learn more about Always be a Wolf as well as the book that precedes it, We're All Animals.