Friday, March 4, 2016

Did you know all my books are couples?

People who are familiar with my books kind of figure out that they tend to come in sets. Although you aren’t required to read one in order to understand the other - nor will you miss out on any major storyline if you don’t read both - the books essentially are connected. Let me explain how. 

It all started with my first book, Fire, a story that takes place in the early 90s and centers on the rock music culture. I was probably halfway through this story when I became enamored with a secondary character and knew I had to tell his story. He was so strong that he almost took over the entire book and I had a hard time not allowing him to overshadow the main character, Tarah. His name was Jimmy Groome and when I started to write my second book, A Spark before the Fire, I was stunned by some of the places his story took me. Someone recently referred to his story as ‘sharp’ in places and that’s probably putting it mildly. He embraced a lifestyle that pushed him to the edge and I’ve had one reader get half-way through the book and ask me, ‘Is Jimmy going to die?’

Although I did everything I could to fight the vampire fascination, I ended up joining many other authors and creating a group of vampires in my third book, The Rock Star of Vampires. It was a pretty intense book to put together and probably took me a little longer than the others because it required some research and a great deal of thought on my behalf. I wasn’t used to writing a fantasy novel, so it did so carefully and was pretty happy with the results. However, once again, one particular character stood out and her name was Mariah.

Mariah is, to date, probably one of the strongest, most fierce characters I have ever written about in my books. She was complicated, tragic and poignant, leaving both my readers and myself curious about what made her tick. I followed up The Rock Star of Vampires with my fourth book, Her Name is Mariah in 2015. No one could’ve been more surprised by the ending of this book than me. To this day, I can’t read it without tearing up.  

I got out of my fantasy world with my fifth book, Different Shades of the Same Color. Here, my protagonist is a young doctor who hit her head in a very controversial manner at her uncle’s political fundraiser. This story sprung from a similar (although, much less controversial) incident where I hit my head in 2013. I explored how the incident changed how Natasha saw the world around her and some very surprising things she learns about her own family. It’s kind of a quirky, funny book that involves a hilarious road trip, but the biggest comment so far is how shocked people are by the ending.

Will my fifth book be part of a ‘couple’ too? Yup. I’m currently writing my sixth book, which follows a character from Different Shades of the Same Color. I wasn’t even sure if this pattern would continue until after finishing my last book. I didn’t feel very inspired to tell anyone’s story from Shades until I started the editing phase and something told me that I should explore the story of Chase Jacobs, a young man who only has a minor role in my last book. There was something about him that really sprung my curiosity and it's turning into a very dark story that's taking me to some unsavory places.

Of course, the beauty of the characters, just like people, is that they all have a story and realistically, I could further explore any character in any book and had fascinating results. Are you one of my readers? Is there a character you would like me to write a book about?

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