Sunday, April 5, 2015

Should your readers be the censorship police?

Anyone who has ever picked up one of my books, probably figured out very quickly that I don’t exactly avoid taboo and edgy topics. It’s not that I necessarily pick subjects that I think might ruffle people’s feathers, so much as that I write what inspires me… and what inspires me often is a reflection of how I see society and as it turns out, that happens to be the same topics that occasionally make some people uncomfortable.

Does this make me less inclined to use content or language that might upset readers?

Not a chance.

It all began with my first book, Fire. Since it was (obviously) my first novel, many people didn’t know what to expect. Would I write a cute little love story about star-crossed lovers, who meet and live happily ever after? Perhaps a cozy little story about a talented young woman, who gets discovered by a big record label and her life falls into place, in a perfect and delightful fashion.

Well, not quite.

My first book did have a girl meets guy scenario and she does go on to be a rock star, but it also dove into the dark world of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. There are suggestions that recording artists are actually surrounded by enablers who encourage their stars to do whatever is necessary to stay in the spotlight - the label views them as a product to sell rather than human beings.

The topics of domestic violence, sex tapes and infidelity also can be found in this book.

My second book – A Spark before the Fire, deals a great deal with rape, addiction, casual teenage sex, drugs, alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy.

My third was slightly tame in comparison to my first two, proving that not all my books are laced with profanity. Having said that, The Rock Star of Vampires didn’t exactly avoid the topic of casual sex and actually pushed the envelope a little further by broaching the subject of threesomes and same sex encounters. So I guess it is kind of like baking a cake with less sugar, but you throw in a bucket of honey instead because either way, some people are going to complain that it is just a little too much.

My fourth and latest book, Her Name is Mariah, perhaps takes things in a different direction. This time around, one of the most significant characters is transgender, while my protagonist spends some time working in a Montreal strip club and has a pretty casual attitude toward sex. There’s also suicide and a murder. Two of the big 'A' topics also come up (abortion and alcoholism) in this book. 

As I have said many times, when I write, the story tends to flow naturally and I don't tend to over analyze, but go with it. Considering that I'm often surprised and enticed by where the story takes me, it is my wish that my readers feel the same way. As I always say, welcome to the land of the taboo; one page at a time.

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