Monday, August 4, 2014

The Rock Star of Books

It has been three months since the release of my third book, The Rock Star of Vampires and I've been quite fortunate - not only have my sales been very consistent, I've also accumulated some new fans and friends from all over the world (on both Twitter and Facebook), but I've also been blessed with some awesome reviews!

And speaking of great reviews, one of the comments that I've often heard from readers is the surprise after learning whom the 'The Rock Star of Vampires' ends up being; not at all what most expected. I have to be honest, even I thought it was someone else as I was writing the book, but following my instincts, I quickly realized that my assumption was wrong....or was it? I'm currently writing the sequel to this series, which follows the life of Mariah Nichols and in this particular book, there may be a few hints that perhaps things aren't as certain as originally thought;-) More to come, folks!

Another comment that I'm getting about The Rock Star of Vampires  is that it was much more than the title suggests. Not only is the book about a young vampire struggling to become accustom to her physical changes, it is also about a young woman's struggle with life, death and finding true happiness. It goes to show, that maybe vampires aren't all that different from us after all...or are they?

Yes, I took a different path when I started writing this book. I chose not to write it in the same vein as many others before me and for that, I have been both praised and criticized, but if you aren't original as a writer, then why bother? We already have enough formula writers out there, who merely follow the Hollywood brick road of predictability with golden sunshine endings. That's not really my thing.

I think it is important to have an overall message in books, leaving the reader with something to think about, long after the story has finished. With The Rock Star of Vampires, I thought it was important to really focus on the concept of happiness as an ongoing state as opposed to an ultimate destination. With A Spark before the Fire, my focus was on the difficult road to self-analysis, while Fire was about how fame and fortune wasn't necessarily as glamorous as we like to believe and life problems follow us all, regardless of status.

In the end, I throw some concepts into my writing that leave people with something to think about (if they choose) and hopefully an interesting read that sparks their senses and imagination along the way. That's my goal.

Overall, this book seems to grabbing the most buzz compared to the two that preceded it, possibly making it the 'Rock Star' of my books (so far;-). I invite you to keep in touch by signing up for my newsletter and always feel free to contact me with comments, questions or thoughts.

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